Our Story

Awa Diaw and Chelsea Trotter
Left to Right: Awa Diaw and Chelsea Trotter

 Growing up in Senegal and later on in Harlem, Awa’s grandmother and mother would always nourish her skin and hair with a shea-based family product. This product simplifies her daily skin and hair routine without sacrificing her need for moisture, nutrients, and shine. 

Awa decided to share her family tradition of using shea butter with her classmates originally for a Business Venture Class. Awa and Chelsea decided to pursue this idea and both passionately and strongly believed in the importance of simplifying beauty routines with all natural products. They believe that Nekawa Beauty will do just that!

Chelsea is originally from Plano, TX and attended Oklahoma University for her undergrad. Awa was born in Senegal and immigrated to the U.S. when she was six. Awa attended Bowdoin College for her undergraduate degree and also holds a M.A. from Columbia University. Both ladies graduated from IU’s Kelley School of Business with their MBAs and currently live in Seattle, WA.

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