"Sometimes scented shea butters have a heavy perfume smell that overtakes the nature of the butter. Yet, the Nekawa lavender scent is subtle, pleasant and not overbearing. It left my skin feeling moisturized from morning until night and I did not have to worry about any dryness or ashy-ness by the end of the day" 
-Stephanie E. (Hanover, NH)


"Love it! I have been looking for the right lotion for a while now- most on the market are too liquid-y and do not provide enough moisture. I love the texture and thickness of this lotion, and how few ingredients are used. Normally the ingredient list is huge and I can't pronounce/ recognize most of the words!"
-Alycia G. (Portland, OR)  


 " My face was getting dry and flaky from the weather and nek.awa was the only butter that moisturized it all day and helped even my complexion"
-Crystal I. (Raleigh, NC)


 " I used this stuff every day on my trip to Hawaii to help protect my skin from the sun. With it's mixture of shea butter and essential oils, this is the real deal"
-Elizabeth J. (Liverpool, NY)


 " I bought the jar of lavender scented product for myself, but my husband can't keep his hands off it either! While I love to use it on my face and body, he says it makes his dry hands glow and 'not hurt anymore' *chuckles* I love finally having a product around that is so natural and healthy and for my skin. It works so well and smells dreamy! I highly recommend."
-Emily C. (Salem, MA)


 " It's really making the difference on my heels and on my elbows. At night I just use it right after I come out the shower and get in bed. I always take an evening shower and I like to go to bed clean and moisturized"
-Samantha B. (Irving, CA)


 " I was never really into moisturizers and butters until I got my hand on a sample of Nek.awa's Shea Butter. The butter has done wonders to increase the soft texture and glow of my skin. My blemishes and dark marks have vanished! I can not recommend this product enough. GET NEKAWA IN YOUR LIFE!"
-Dominique J. (Baltimore, MD)