Butter Vs. Cream

 People often use butter and cream interchangeably when talking about certain skin and hair products. But are they really the same thing? Which is better?



Body and hair butters are thick, and often times have a similar consistency as the butter you may have in your fridge. As a result, you will notice that the consistency changes depending on the temperature that the butter is kept in. This is why we recommend keeping your Nek.awa butter in room temperature- so that it will always be easy to apply on your skin and hair.  Butters are typically made with carrier oils and do not contain water. Carrier oils are what helps your skin and hair fully get the essential nutrients it needs to remain healthy. 





Products that are considered creams are far thinner than body and skin butters. They often times may have the same ingredients as butters but have added water based ingredients to make the consistency thinner. As a result of the consistency, creams are often times less "greasy" than butters. These products can often times be kept at any room temperature.

Why did we choose to make a shea butter and not a shea cream?


While butters and creams each have their own benefits, at Nek.awa our aim is to create products that provide our customers with the ultimate moisture and shine. In order to do this, butters are best. The Shea butter used along side the carrier oils and aloe vera juice, helps to prevent the loss of moisture and dull skin and hair. We know for sure, we don't want dull skin and hair and want our skin and hair to hold moisture in order to remain healthy. Body and skin butters can also make your skin and hair smoother, softer, and healthier.

"It's all natural ingredients include a mixture of shea butter and oils that offer a true holistic approach to moisturizing your body. You'll enjoy Nek.awa from day one as it provides luminous and supple vibrancy in just one application." Elizabeth Jones, Syracuse

Compared to lotions and creams, butters have a longer shelf life. In order for creams to have a longer shelf life, they would require preservatives, which often times are not natural. We strongly believe that products from nature can heal our skin and hair!


So give us a try- you won't be disappointed!