Choose the best for your body

Tip #1. Read Labels
Start by going through all the products you use on your body each day and read the ingredients. How many of those ingredients do you recognize? Avoid: Parabens, Formaldehyde, Triclosan, Synthetic Fragrance, and Oxybenzone to name a few. The more you know about what you're putting on your body, the more you'll understand which substances your personal body craves for nourishment. Need help? There are always resources like Think Dirty App or EWG's Skin Deep Database to double check just how clean your products are.


Tip #2. Use All-Natural Products
Most of what we put on our bodies is absorbed. Steering clear of toxic products is not only best for your skin but also your overall health. We created a shea butter with all-natural ingredients to limit the stress of what you're putting on your body and to provide a healthy way of nourishment. Here are some ideas on how to boost your morning and evening ritual with shea butter.


Tip #3. Eat To Nourish

Think of the phrase beauty from the inside out as two fold. Nourishing your body based on what you're eating and drinking is just as important to your beauty regime as what you're using on the surface, and vice versa. Foods that are good for the body and skin are high in antioxidants, contain essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and acidophilus. Above all, remember to always drink water; TONS of it. The standard recommendation is the 8x8 rule. This means eight 8oz glasses per day.



Tip #4. Just Go With It

Nekawa strives to help you awaken your natural beauty by rejecting beauty expectations that hold each of us back from living our most beautiful life. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good fashion week, but what makes you feel your best will make you look your best. Take out that dress you love but never wear because it’s “not in style”, let your hair go natural, and embrace the natural you.


Tip #5: Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Have you heard of minimalism? It goes something like this: simplicity. Every morning take away one step, one action that isn’t contributing to your growth. Try limiting your daily beauty routine to 10 products max. You can even take it a step further and throw away one product each day for a month. Except for sunscreen; always choose sunscreen. By simplifying, you are making more room for YOU.


Tip #6. A Lot Of Self Care

Let’s all take a note from Beyoncé and remember that the moment we wake up we are flawless. This means your first glance in the mirror should generate thoughts of positivity and praise. If it helps, leave positive words on your mirror or inside your closet as reminders. Do something to start the morning that brings you joy. This could be your morning cup of coffee, exercise, walking your dog, whatever it may be DO IT. Set the tone for the rest of your day with the choice and intention to appreciate your body and celebrate all that you are.