Nekawa Butter: A Winter Review

Written by Fatima Coulibaly | IG : @fatimartmedia

Winter is finally here in Harlem. As the weather starts to change for a colder temperature your body responds by going through their own changes, which can leave your skin prone to dryness and flakiness. But the season shouldn’t be an excuse to stay ashy. Your skin is the largest organ, so why not take care of it? Thick moisturizers are a great remedy for dry skin. The skincare brand, Nekawa Beauty, is perfect for this area. They offer a selection of high-quality shea butter to nourish your body and hair. Founded in 2018 by Awa Diaw and Chelsea Trotter, Nekawa aims to put your beauty routine at ease. This product line comes in 3 different scents of shea butter such as original, honey vanilla, and lavender, with sizes ranging from 2-8 oz. Additionally, there’s also a baobab oil serum that will be launching next month in January. But for this review, Nekawa’s shea butter will be main the focus. The Shea tree, which is indigenous to West Africa, offers a variety of benefits for the skin and hair, especially when it’s unrefined. This is the type of product that Nekawa Beauty receives straight from Senegal. It provides moisture, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, as well as a mild SPF coverage.


I decided to purchase some of this shea butter for myself. I ordered a 2 oz size in the scent, honey vanilla. Each Nekawa Beauty product uses unrefined shea butter, aloe vera juice, rosehip oil, avocado oil, castor oil, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils- only for honey vanilla and lavender. The color of the shea butter is a mix between ivory and beige in a smooth texture. The product has a firm and solid consistency but when rubbed together evenly it glides nicely on the skin. Although this product is scented in honey vanilla, the fragrance isn’t overwhelming. The shea butter has a gentle scent that mainly smells nutty, yet there’s a very subtle smell of vanilla. Overall this sweet and light fragrance is pleasurable but not too powerful, which is great for individuals who are sensitive to smell.


Since I received my order in late August, I’ve used this product twice a day, in the morning and night after a shower. I used the shea butter primarily for my face and neck, however, you can also use this on the rest of your body and your hair. Generally, when I use this product, I apply it to damp skin to seal in the moisture from the water. Within a week of use, I noticed that my skin felt softer. The shea butter absorbs well into my skin due to its emollient qualities. My skin type is oily, so I tried to not use too much of this product due to my initial concerns about the shea butter. In the past, most of the shea butter that I bought from the local pharmacy left a greasy feeling on my skin, which is something that I didn’t want, especially for my skin type. But thankfully, the shea butter from Nekawa Beauty doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue. Not much of the product is needed because a little can go a long way. Additionally, this shea butter didn’t exacerbate any issues I had with my skin. I finally finished my 2 oz jar within the first week of December, it took me a little over 3 months to use it up.


So, is this product worth your money? Yes, definitely! One of the main benefits I’ve seen using this product was that it moisturizes and softens my skin well. The best part is that the ingredients are all-natural. I will continue to use this product in my daily skincare routine for a few more weeks to see if there are more changes to my skin. I recommend you test out this product for yourself. You can purchase your own shea butter from Nekawa Beauty here. Additionally, you can read one of our articles that goes into detail about the business and co-founders of Nekawa Beauty here. In the winter months, your skin deserves extra love and care and Nekawa Beauty can easily do that for you.